History Rhymes and Repeats

News is coming across the wires that Austria is hiring people ("Inspectors") to "hunt down vaccine refusers."  And while I'm sure some of the scary words used are a result of computer translation - it doesn't take a genius to see the patterns that have haunted the Anschluss before.  Below is the translated text (using Google's Chrome Translation).  

Due to compulsory vaccination from February
Austria is looking for employees who hunt down vaccine refusers
Anyone who does not want to be vaccinated in Austria from February 2022 must expect a fine. Employees should ensure that the fines are paid. Therefore, inspectors are now being sought.

From February Austria wants to get serious: Anyone over 14 years old has to be vaccinated against Corona. The Austrian government announced this last week.

This can create new jobs, as the example of Linz shows. The city has a good 200,000 inhabitants and is the capital of the federal state of Upper Austria and has the lowest vaccination rate in the entire state. According to data from the e-vaccination card, only 63 percent of residents have been vaccinated twice.

Chasing after the unvaccinated booers
Linz now wants to hire people who are supposed to hunt down vaccine refusers, as reported " today ". They should check whether those who do not get vaccinated really pay for it. Because whoever does not get vaccinated will be asked to pay. Up to 3600 euros, the equivalent of a good 3740 francs.

The vaccination inspectors receive a wage of at least 2774 euros, the equivalent of around 2880 francs. The salary is paid 14 times a year.

The job includes, among other things, creating penalties as well as processing appeals. A completed Matura is required in the job profile. In addition, the hunters should be resilient and willing to work. Specifically: ready to work more overtime!

Only Austrian citizens are employed for the work. And of course, applicants must either be vaccinated or recovered.

Even if the unvaccinated in Austria will soon be upset - the general corona situation in the country seems to be easing for the moment. On Monday, almost 1,800 new cases were reported within 24 hours. The lowest value in two months. Probably the result of the three-week lockdown that ended on December 12th. (nl)

Source: https://www.blick.ch/ausland/wegen-impfpflicht-ab-februar-oesterreich-sucht-angestellte-die-impf-verweigerer-jagen-id17087556.html

New job: Anyone who checks the mandatory vaccination will receive 2,774 euros

In 2022 the vaccination is mandatory, the city of Linz is already looking for employees who should take care of the penalties for those who do not want to vaccinate.

From February 1st, the mandatory vaccination will apply in Austria. And for everyone who is older than 14 years. The government said last week.

Those who still do not want to be vaccinated face severe fines - namely up to 3,600 euros.

Specifically, it involves the following tasks: preparing penalties, processing appeals, arranging for executions (if the administrative penalties are not paid).

Incidentally, a monthly salary of at least 2,774 euros (14 times) is paid for this.

If you are interested, you should bring the following with you: completed high school diploma, resilience, willingness to provide additional services (the city apparently assumes that there is a lot to do). And: A valid 2G certificate and a flawless past life are also required. And: You have to have Austrian citizenship.

There will be a preselection and interviews. More information here.

12/21/2021, 5:45 am
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