On Bush 41

While visiting Maine several years ago we drove through Kennebunkport and stopped by a land marker near the Bush Compound.  The compound sits on the edge of a rocky peninsula (or "neck" as they say in Maine). It is a beautiful setting - and at first sight it reminded me of a Jack Reacher novel (Persuader) that is set in a mansion located on a similar "neck" in Maine.  I'm convinced that Lee Child's setting for the novel was inspired by the Bush Compound.

The compound is off limits to the public but there is a very nice monument of an anchor and a plaque on the side of the road that overlooks the compound.

I wasn't the biggest fan of Bush 41.  Mostly because of the "Read My Lips" fiasco - but also because of his deep state background (head of CIA, etc.), the Gulf War, etc. Here is a good, short summation of his CIA years (courtesy of John Bredehoft at Empoprises).

That being said, he was our President, a veteran and pilot who served our country  - and he deserves the respect of the office.  I also liked the way he pronounced the name "Saddam" Hussein.  And, lest we forget, Voodoo Economics!

And, especially in his old age, he always seemed like a genuinely nice, decent, classy man.  You gotta love a President that invites a comic (Dana Carvey) to the White House even after making fun of you.

For our Friend and 41st President
George H. W. Bush
An 'Anchor to Windward'
As he was for our nation and world during four years of tumultuous and historic change, so, too, has Kennebunkport served, in the words of St. Paul, "as anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast" to him.

(Leave it to Kennebunkport elites to take credit for being "the anchor.")

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