Where Are We Today?

Over the past 30 days the US stock market (measured via the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 Index) have suffered a 30% loss from their highs.  

Last week, the market rallied 22% in three days with incredible force and resilience in the face of exponential spread of the virus, increasing deaths in the US and pending record high unemployment numbers.

Within three days the Wall Street Journal declared that the Bear Market was over and that it was the shortest in history.

CNBC invited CEOs, analysts and fund managers all week asking "if the bottom was in" yet?

Well, I started aggregating charts with their predictions of "where are we?" The original publication date of this post is March 28, 2020 and after the "big rally" this week we had a 4.06% (-915.39 points) drop in the DJI on Friday and ended at 21,636.  The S&P dropped -88.0 points / 3.37% and ended at 2,541.47.  

I'll add charts as time progresses and do a retrospective at the end of this year to see how we fared against comparisons with the Great Depression, Great Recession and 2001 crash.  

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